Monday, 15 August 2011

Why Not Let Your VW Earn It's Keep?

For many would be classic VW Owners the cost of purchasing and maintaining a vehicle can prove prohibitive. It is unfortunate that the ever increasing popularity and therefore cost of these vehicles is pricing many enthusiasts out of the market. The even sorrier situation, which we are seeing on an ever increasing basis, is that the current economic climate is forcing lifelong VW owners to sell their pride and joy in order to maintain their standard of living or fund other essential purchases. Happily however, some resourceful enthusiasts are finding ways to put their classic VW to work, thus funding it's own upkeep and allowing it to stay with it's loving family.

Here are some great examples that we have come across recently:

Campervan Hire for Holidays:
Rob and Annie at Dubtrips hire out their vintage splitscreen campervan, Phoebe, for self-drive holidays around the UK. Fully equipped with sleeping, dining and cooking facilities plus an on-board water supply all incorporated into a beautiful '60s style interior, Phoebe gives holiday makers the chance to experience a proper campervan holiday in style and comfort. For next season, Phoebe will be joined at Dubtrips by her older brother Jeremy, a 1964 splitscreen campervan.

For those who prefer to drive a more modern vehicle, Rob and Annie also hire out their fully converted VW T4 for holidays hires as well.

All of Dubtrips vehicles are also available for wedding hires.

VWs for Weddings: 

VW campervans are becoming increasingly popular as wedding vehicles, and we can totally understand why. With their instantly recognisable appearance, their enduring appeal to children and adults alike, plus room in the back for a bride, several bridesmaids and as many bouquets as you can shake a stick at, we think you would struggle to find a better way to arrive at your big day. Throw in a bottle of campaign to drink on the way and some ribbons and bows, and you have a wedding vehicle made in heaven!

When Sooty fell in love with Faith, a 21-Window Splitscreen Samba, he knew he could not justify paying the hefty price tag for this much sought after vehicle, but he also realised that the all Lotus white deluxe bus with a full length sun roof would make a perfect wedding vehicle, and spotting a business opportunity that would allow him to own the bus of his dreams. He set up his company, VW4weddings, and offers chauffeur driven transport to the wedding ceremony and reception, plus Faith will happily stop and pose for photographs with the wedding party too.

Vintage Style Catering:
VW Lulabelle:

VW Lulabelle is a beautiful 1959, pink and white splitscreen van, and along with her owner, Cathy, provides vintage style catering for outdoor events and shows, catering for weddings and can even put on a vintage style tea party or children's party.

Lulabelle and Cathy spend the summer months driving up and down the motorway bringing their delicious cakes and fresh coffee to events all over the country.

More stories of awesome VW businesses to follow soon!

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